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1. Blogger, devuélveme el post y los comentarios que te has llevado sin pedir permiso
 [ blogger, give me back the post and the comments you took away without asking ]

2. He añadido a mi lista dos blogs que recomiendo encarecidamente:

        -Principio de incertidumbre de Olga Pla

        -Steeboy photography de Steven Conway

[ I've added to my list two new blogs that I really recommend:

3. Este es un blog personal, a veces de moda, a veces no. Su objetivo principal es decir cosas sin saber exactamente a quién, lo que me da una cierta libertad. Me encanta tener seguidores, saber que estáis ahí, conocer vuestras opiniones. Muchas, muchísimas gracias. Pero el que me siga que lo haga porque le gusta lo que publico, de corazón, no a cambio de que yo le siga. Siempre que dejáis comentarios, miro vuestros blogs y si me gustan (que muchas veces me encantan) os sigo.

[ This is a personal blog, sometimes about fashion, sometimes not. Its main aim is saying things without knowing exactly to whom, which gives me freedom. I love having followers, knowing you're there, knowing your opinions. Thank you. But if you follow me, I want it to be because you like what I publish, not in exchange for following you . Everytime people leaves comments, I check their blogs and if I like them (lots of times I love them) I follow them.]

Ya está, ya lo he dicho.

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Mom Fashion World dijo...

nice blog you have, darling.

thanks for the comment. would you like to follow each other?

Anónimo dijo...

i was so upset by the blogger problems too! i really like your header illustration!