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I love blogs with just a few words that say more than it seems. I love Edgar's blog: Friendly Society of Life Documentators. He makes friends sound like philosophers. Never marry a photographer, marry a documentator.

[ Hope some photographers don't mind being at the other side of the camera for the first time in this blog ]

Me encantan los blogs con pocas palabras que dicen mucho más de lo que parece. Me encanta el blog de Edgar: Friendly Society of Life Documentators.  Además hace que los amigos parezcan filósofos. Nunca te cases con un fotógrafo, cásate con un documentator.

6 comentarios:

kcomekarolina dijo...

cool photos!!!

xoxo from rome

Aitana dijo...

me encantan tus fotos ;)

Un BeSSSiToOo*

TOPCOAT dijo...

Really great photography! xx

Daria dijo...

great blog! :)

please visit my blog and follow if you like ;)

Clara Turbay dijo...

Great pictures.

Audrey Leighton dijo...

I know exactly what you mean about "just a few words." Love!