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a little bit of feel good

 [ massimo dutti jumper
h&m shirt
karen millen dress
bimba y lola bag
pieces boots ]

Some days just need a little bit of feel good here and there. As simple as that!

9 comentarios:

Elena TMH* dijo...

A veces un poquito de sol en la cara es suficiente para sentirnos bien, he?
Love el post anterior!

Un besito!

Steven Conway dijo...

Only ONE comment?!?

I declare shenanigans. How dare they treat you like this!

And i like the outfit too.

S dijo...

hahaha don't know what was going on... SHENANIGANS! I.DECLARE.SHENANIGANS!

Elpi Chan dijo...

Hello dear!
Lovely blog!
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Kisses Elpi xx

Rena dijo...

Love that outfit, it looks so good

Anónimo dijo...

bonita falda!!!

the style crusader dijo...

Love your outfit. The striped skirt is super cute. xx

and so it goes.... dijo...

Such a beautiful look! I love how simple it seems but how chic it is!


Francesca C dijo...

very nice look!!!!