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 Here you have a corner of my room with a festive display with polaroids and origami paper cubes. I'm a total sucker for party-ish elements and retro style photography so this makes me happy every time i see it, which is quite a lot, since i'm ill and studying at home. About the polaroid, i must say it's quite addictive and i can't wait to get more film, this one is from the impossible project in Berlin.

He aquí un rinconcito de mi habitación, una guirnalda de lo más festiva con polaroids y cubos de papel de origami. Como soy megafan de los elementos festivos (dame banderitas y bombillas de colores y te pediré matrimonio) y de las fotos con estilo retro, esto me hace sonreír cada vez que lo veo, es decir bastante, ya que ahora mismo estoy enferma y estudiando en casa. Sobre la polaroid, debo deciros que es bastante adictiva y estoy que me muero por conseguir más película, ésta es de impossible project de Berlín.

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Anónimo dijo...

Oh, I love polaroids too! Seriously, I really wish that they never became so unpopular! But now that they are so hard to find and expensive... they are popular again! (But in a kind of oh this is cool and trendy but actually it looks quite nice kind of way.) Funny eh? :)

p.s I love the tartan pants. Simply gorgeous!

dina dijo...

Q maravilla, me encantaría tener una, creo a será uno de mis deseos de este nuevo año, a ver si cuela....jeje.

Anónimo dijo...

i really must buy a polaroid camera, i just can't decide between and old or new one!
where did you get this one from?

Fashion Philosophy

S dijo...

Hi Dominika,
I got it at portobello road flea market, it's actually quite easy to find them. In Berlin you can go to Mauerpark flohmarkt, they have loads of them! The camera is quite cheap comparing to the film, but it's worth it spending a little money, i love the pics it takes. I can't tell you about the new ones as i haven't used them, the good thing is film is much easier to find for newer versions.

Sugar with Spikes dijo...

Love it!


Britt+Whit dijo...

ooh now your making me want a Polaroid camera! love these snapshots!

love from San Francisco,

Emilie dijo...

Woooh this is SO cool! I actually got this camera for my christmas and I can't stop using it haha, the vintage feel of it is so awesome, I'm absolutely addicted :) you have some very nice pictures, nice post!!


Ms Jelena dijo...

I love polaroids! It's on my to buy list! :) x

Floortje dijo...

great pics!

Elena dijo...

Me encanta esta entrada! de pequeña mi madre tenía una Polaroid en mi casa antigua, le dije que la buscara pero no la encontró...
Por cierto, felices reyes, son unas fotos muy lindas ;)

l'artichaut dijo...

I can unterstand you totally! I got one at the flea market and luckily a friend of mine still had a film left so I took it with me to Paris and made great pictures :)

follow you now :)

Fashion Dawgs dijo...

Wow that's such a good idea! I love polaroids but they're expensive so I normally go with disposable cameras instead. It's always a surprise when they are developed!

Fashion Dawgs

Anónimo dijo...

I like polaroids. Polaroids like me.

Does that mean I could have polaroid babies?

p.s your blog is divine! ta ta!!

Framicetta dijo...

Nice photos! :)

lucia m dijo...

love it!!!!

Fran and Effe dijo...

nice post!

Fran and Effe

The Thousand And One Mises

MDS* dijo...

Me muero por tener una! Pero es lo que tú dices, el film es tan caro que, como sea un vicio, te arruinas!
Me encantan tus pantalones!
Por cierto, gracias por avisarme de lo del blog ese. la cogió de Zara people, por lo que se ve!


Sunny Roads dijo...

Just discovered your blog, and love it :)