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things i wished my grandma had told me

i have to disagree with this one as i've had the original iphone for 5 years 
until past month and it was the best phone ever!

 Lovely and funny project by Chacho Puebla, see the complete series here and here. It made me crack up!

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and so it goes.... dijo...

OMG! That's amazing!! Love it!

Great blog btw!!


Kaitlin Mattingly dijo...

this is darling.
and what a great way to tell a message

xoxo katlin

dina dijo...

Por un lado me gusta y por otro me da pena de la abuela.....una q es una sensiblera! Jeje

Suzi Maynard dijo...

Funniest ever. Had a great laugh. Thanks.
Suzi x
For the Love of Audrey

Style and Trouble dijo...

love this post! beautiful blog, congratulations

look at my fashion blog

Elena dijo...

Buenísimo xDDD

the style crusader dijo...

This is hilarious! xx

The Blond Zebras dijo...

This is so cool! I laughed out loud at some of the advice :D I imagined my grandma saying me this, it´s so funny :D good idea...